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At QuickSelect we take pride in our long term commitment to not only our customers, but also the charities and associations which we support. We work hard to ensure that we see our customers through every step of the way, helping them throughout their entire journey, from the first step of realising their goals and potential, to the reward of achieving them. We aim to replicate this sense of support and achievement with involvement in our charities too, working together to achieve remarkable outcomes.

The Great Cycle Challenge 2014

Charlie Hagget Great Cycle Challenge Charity - CopyOver 600 Australian children are diagnosed with cancer every year and sadly, on average, three die every week.So we're trying to change that!

Great Cycle Challenge asks riders across Australia to take on their own personal cycling challenge throughout October to fight kids' cancer!

QuickSelect were Charlie Hagget's number one supporter in September 2014.

Hannah’s Chance Foundation

Hanna's Chance CharitySince October 2007, Hannah’s Chance Foundation has been the passionate voice in the fight against sarcoma. Sarcoma is a type of cancer that predominantly affects young people between the ages 12 and 25.

There are various types of sarcomas, all of which are very aggressive and almost 50 per cent of sufferers do not survive. Hannah’s Chance Foundation aims to raise valuable funds for medical research into finding a cure for sarcoma.

The Foundation is also focused on helping to provide sarcoma patients and their families with comfort and support once they are diagnosed and on their journey.

QuickSelect supports Hannah's Chance Foundation.

Children's Cancer Institute

Every year more than 625 Australian children will be diagnosed with cancer. Every week nearly three Australian children will die of cancer. The vision of the Children’s Cancer Institute is 'Our organisation exists solely to put an end to childhood cancer. We don’t just hope to do it. We will do it!!'. A very determined vision and a vision that we share with them.
After four years of blood, sweat, trainers and perseverance, one of our top brokers, Rajesh Ladher, took the plunge and ran the Sydney Marathon in September 2014 to raise money for Children's Cancer Institute. This charity is close to our hearts, purely as the two words 'Children and Cancer', should not be in the same sentence.

Rajesh proudly completed the marathon with an outstanding time of 3:41 and to raise funds for Children's Cancer Institute.

Ovarian Cancer Australia

nermal walk

Each year in Australia around 1400 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and more than 1000 will die from the disease. There is no early detection test for ovarian cancer and the symptoms include bloating and indigestion making it hard to detect. Approximately 75% of women are diagnosed at an advanced stage, where the cancer has spread and is difficult to treat successfully. But if ovarian cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, women have an 80% chance of being alive and well after five years.

After training for months, doing long hard bushwalks every weekend, Nermalee Bowe, one of our award-winning mortgage brokers, decided to put herself to the challenge and do the 7 Bridges walk (a whooping 27kms) in October 2014 to raise money for Ovarian Cancer.

Nermalee raised money which will be used to fund research
required in early detection of Ovarian Cancer.

Bannockburn Rovers Football Club (BCRFC)

At QuickSelect we are delighted to be sponsors of BCRFC, a local community football club.

BCRFC was established in 1962 as a local community football club for players in the Pymble, Turramurra and Gordon areas, and specifically those near Bannockburn Oval. The club has a fundamental link with Pymble Public School, as well as a rich All Age history. BCRFC takes pride in providing opportunity for friendly competition through regular squads in multiple divisions. As one of the most successful All Age clubs in KDSA history, BCRFC consists of enthusiastic and committed individuals.

We recognise the importance of family life, community support and competitiveness in order to develop and blossom, and are proud of the dedication and success of BCRFC. For every home loan that we settle for a BCRFC member, we make a contribution to the club. In addition, we are delighted to be the providers of the 5-a-side Summer Football “Primary Soccer” football jerseys.