Credit Score 22-10

What is Veda?

Veda is a data analytics business, first established as Credit Reference Association in 1967 to provide consumer and commercial credit information and analysis. As the most recognised credit reporting body in Australia and New Zealand, Veda has data on 20 million individuals and 5.7 million commercial entities within these countries, in addition to an international footprint stretching to Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and Saudi Arabia.

What does Veda do?

Veda collects credit information data and reviews the insights that it provides for its customers, in order to provide them with more knowledge. Veda’s core product provides both individuals and businesses with credit reports, however it has expanded to deliver a range of more industry specific credit and analytical products.

How does Veda relate to us, QuickSelect?

When you apply for a credit facility, there are instances when we may need to request a credit report from Veda. In this instance, we will notify you before obtaining your credit report from Veda.

How does Veda relate to you, our customers?

You are also able to contact Veda directly to obtain your personal credit report, in order to provide an insight into your credit history, helping you to make proactive, responsible and informed financial decisions.

How can I contact Veda?

For more information about what Veda do, or to make an online enquiry you can visit