Charity 31-10

At QuickSelect we are proud sponsors of SEDA, a division of Vision Australia. Vision Australia is Australia’s leading blind and low vision service provider.

Who are SEDA?

SEDA is a national non-profit organisation, first established in 1960. This service operates free of charge service to breed, train and provide care for puppies that are preparing for life as a Seeing Eye Dog. SEDA trains puppies to be the eyes of blind or vision-impaired persons throughout Australia, in order to enhance their mobility and independence.

How do QuickSelect support SEDA?

We understand the importance of every individual achieving their goals with as few obstacles as possible. For every home loan we settle, QuickSelect donates funds to SEDA.

To help raise awareness and funds for 'Seeing Eye Dogs Australia', we threw down the Red Door Blindfold Challenge.

Can you walk in a straight line blindfolded?

Only 40 metres.

Sounds easy, doesn't it?

But it isn't.

Because it's a scientific fact, that for most people it's impossible to walk in a straight line whilst wearing a blindfold...

...but with a little help from a four legged friend, Jasper, the task seemed easy.

Just imagine being blind, or vision impaired.

It makes even the simplest of tasks, like getting to work or walking home, extremely difficult.

With your help, Seeing Eye Dogs Australia can train dogs to become the eyes of those who can then regain the freedom, and independence to enjoy everyday life.

Please, donate today.