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Investment Properties

Shaun, VIC
We had a few false starts due to the big 4 banks recent changes but in the end Brian was able to find a product which suited us and made the most of our portfolio. Thanks again Brian.
November 2015

Dawn, NSW
When it came to getting a second property we didn't even hesitate but to return to Nermalee. And as always she completely surpassed any expectations we could have had in a broker. You'd be crazy to use anyone else.
August 2015

Kate, NSW
Exceptional service. Sound advice. QuickSelect made simple what appeared to be complex. They took the worry out by keeping me very well informed. I have recommended QuickSelect to some of my friends and colleagues.
May 2015

Last week we finally settled on our home after a lengthy process due to the estate going to probate. Throughout the process Nermalee was instrumental in keeping the ball rolling on all sides, and I have been amazed at the incredible support Nermalee has provided from day one. Nermalee made the biggest financial decision of mine and Lee's lives something we enter with confidence and clarity, and for that I not only thank her, I cannot recommend her highly enough. I will certainly be calling Nermalee when I am ready for my second investment property.

I was looking to buy an investment property and a friend gave me QuickSelect number. I spoke to Nermalee who was delightful and guided mw through the labyrinths of investments, loans and applications. She produced a range of options highlighting the ones that most suited me. Consequently I ended up purchasing the best property, getting the best investment loan deal with the best broker firm. Will I select this company’s services again? Yes, quick quick.

Richard, NSW
I've been living in Australia for about 5 years. I come from the UK originally and bought properties over there as an investor and I didn't know the Australian market in the same way as I knew the UK one. QuickSelect were able to give me the best advice on what loans to go for my investment requirements and that was really fantastic - to be able to just speak to one man and to give me that kind of advice. I think the thing that makes QuickSelect stand out is customer service. I literally phoned up and spoke to one guy who I spoke to for the whole process - Brian. I met him on Skype and he talked me through and found me a fantastic loan - better than anything else on the market. It was just an outstanding experience.